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Whitebox Pentesting

A faster more accurate pentest for the enterprise.

Learn how the targeted, enterprise attack modeling approach of whitebox pentests can reduce time and cost to understanding the vulnerabilities surrounding your most important assets.

While traditional pentests will always have value, there is a more effective and budget friendly way to understand the security weaknesses you should care about most.

Traditional pentests are bound by their inherent limitations. They can uncover vulnerabilities in an enterprise environment, but they don’t always provide the best coverage. Additionally, it can take time for a pentester to move through the kill chain, and they may not even get to the most important threats.

The enterprise attack modelling approach of whitebox pentesting can:

  • Reduce the time spent on pentesting
  • Be used to answer specific questions explicitly  
  • Provide reasonable paths an attacker could have to these assets

Design flaws account for roughly 50% of all software security issues.

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Attendees will walk away with an understanding of:

  • Why traditional ‘blackbox’ pentest approaches might sometimes miss the mark
  • What a whitebox pentest within an enterprise environment is, and how it differs from the traditional pentesting approach
  • How enterprise data, control & attack modeling improves and enhances penetration testing
  • Why providing credentials to systems to test specific controls can be a better approach in the long run 

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