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Understanding the latest tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of threat actors is crucial to reducing your risk exposure and protecting your business. Subscribe to our Threat Pulse to receive monthly exclusive insights into the threat landscape, delivered by our global Strategic Threat Intelligence Practice. 

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Our insights can help your decision-making processes and heighten your business’ preparedness against sophisticated threat actors as well as strictly financially motivated fraud operators.

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Where does our Threat Intel come from?

NCC Group’s Strategic Threat Intelligence Practice has been

working tirelessly to develop various software solutions for a broader,

more insightful look at current threat landscapes and the way they impact

businesses around the world.

Our technical team has developed a web scraper, which we use to gather

data on ransomware data leaks on the dark web in real time to give us

regular insights into who are the most recent ransomware victims.

By recording this data and classifying the victims by sector, we are able to derive

additional insights highlighting the sectors that have been targeted, and how current

ransomware threats compare to previous months.


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